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Man on the Moon | Unique Abstract Art | Oval Brush | Stencil Painting

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Magical Abstract CITYSCAPE Painting Techniques by Peter DranitsinBeautiful cityscape is stretched across the silent lake. Magnificent moon, busy city and star lights reflecting in the water. This painting is called "Natural Satellite" by abstract artist Peter Dranitsin. In this unique art video lesson I will take you through simple step by step painting techniques creating a breath taking cityscape, seascape tied together with a moon and it's magical...
[4 Oct 2017 | Автор  ]
Here are the 2 Acrylic Mediums that you can use to create unique textures for the abstract painting background. They are: Light Molding paste which works as a texture build up and Crackle Paste which works as a medium that creates natural cracks in itself when is in dry state. I have created abstract painting called "Untouched by Human" 24x18" inch canvas, using these two acrylic mediums and have painted over the surface after I let...
[18 Jun 2013 | Автор  ]
This video is a free art video tutorial of an abstract cityscape by Peter Dranitsin. Created on 12x12" stretched canvas and acrylic paint. In this video tutorial Peter will demonstrate and explain step by step on how to create this amazing and unique acrylic painting.If you are interested in purchasing this or any other original painting created by abstract artist Peter Dranitsin please visit http://petesoriginalart.com - Pete's Original...
[2 мая 2014 | Автор  ]
In this video "Asleep Beneath the Moon" I create a beautiful abstract landscape painting. Blue trees are blowing in the wind which is pulled by the gravity of the moon. Thank you for your likes, your comments and for subscribing to my channel. You make it possible for me to continue with my work and sharing it on YouTube! To purchase this painting: http://petesoriginalart.com/asleep-be...www.abstractartlesson.com - more of my art educational videoswww.petesoriginalart.com...
[22 Sep 2017 | Автор  ]
GIVEAWAY- $100 worth of ART SUPPLY - https://urartstudio.com/giveaway-100-...Oval Brushes - https://urartstudio.com/product/3-ova...OTHER TOOLS - https://urartstudio.com/product-categ...PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTING - contact me - https://urartstudio.com/contact/_ _ _Medium: acrylicsTOOLS and MATERIALS: oval brush(es), #0 liner brush, 10x14" canvas, bucket of water, clean cloth COLORS: titanium white, payne's grey, phthalo blue, lemon yellow, indian...
[1 Apr 2020 | Автор  ]
Keeping everything to a minimum will help you to stay focus on your abstract painting. In this painting tutorial I will show you how easy it is to create an underwater background for your abstract painting just by using acrylic paint, water, canvas, brush and sponge. I hope you will enjoy this short art video!__If you are interested in custom painting(s) please contact me at peter.dranitsin@gmail.comwww.abstractartlesson.com - more painting video...
[6 Oct 2017 | Автор  ]
Oval Brushes - https://urartstudio.com/product/3-ova...OTHER TOOLS - https://urartstudio.com/product-categ...ARTEZA (paint, canvas, more) for US - https://arteza.com/?a_aid=Youtube_Pet...Arteza for Europe - https://arteza.co.uk/?utm_source=post...ORDER CANVAS PRINT - https://teespring.com/stores/urartstu...Use this discount code: M3RCH at checkout_ _ _Medium: acrylicsTOOLS and MATERIALS: oval brush, #0 liner brush, 4" blending brush, 10x14" canvas,...
[13 Mar 2020 | Автор  ]
Hey guys! here is another simple concept for abstract painting with amazing final outcome. In this video I will create a colorful abstract painting using acrylic paint, water, brush, sponge, window washer. I hope you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed creating this painting. __If you are interested in custom painting(s) please contact me at peter.dranitsin@gmail.comhttp:www.abstractartlesson.com - more painting video lessons by Peter Dranitsinhttp:www.petesoriginalart.com...
[11 Oct 2017 | Автор  ]
BRUSHES recommended by Peter Dranitsin: *Big Pointed Oval Brush - https://urartstudio.com/product/big-o...* 3 Small Oval Brushes - https://urartstudio.com/product/3-ova...* Nylon Brush Set - https://urartstudio.com/product/nylon...*Liner Brushe set - https://urartstudio.com/product/liner...*Angled Brush set - https://urartstudio.com/product/angle...* Soft Round Blending Brush - https://urartstudio.com/product/soft-...*1" Flat Brush - https://urartstudio.com/product/1-fla...*2"...
[23 Jan 2020 | Автор  ]

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